Tiny House 15+

Fertighäuser: Tiny House

Price starting from € 25,900 excl. VAT

Mini Home 20+

Price starting from € 29,900 excl. VAT

IZZI Living Concept

We are happy to present you 6 eco smart living models ranging from 15 m2 up to 70 m2.

These innovative IZZI Living models have been designed especially for exclusive holiday homes but can serve very well as:

  • Garden house
  • Office space
  • Guest house
  • Permanent home
  • Hotel suite

Thanks to their excellent insulation and the ecological materials used, the IZZI Living models are modern smart houses which can be used in summer and winter, in the city or in the countryside, at sea or in the mountains, for own use or for rental. IZZI is the perfect investment for a happy life.

IZZI wooden houses are built turnkey by our experienced teams but can be also purchased by DIYers or those who prefer to personalize themselves the interior.

You have 2 options available for you IZZI home: Premium or Comfort.

We invite you to visit the description page of each IZZI model and select the design which fits best your needs.

We are very happy to advise you.

Lounge 30+

Price starting from € 35,900 excl. VAT

Lodge 40+

Price starting from € 44,900 excl. VAT

Cottage 60+

Price starting from € 59,900 excl. VAT

Chalet 70+

Price starting from € 67,900 excl. VAT